10th International Conference on Technical Communication: Time and Space

For the 10th anniversary of the International Conference on Technical Communication at Université de Paris, as deep changes are ongoing in work practices, we explore the right time and space for technical communication.

Technical communicators often work with teams that are distributed geographically and need to manage different timelines. During this conference, academics and professionals shared the methods, tools and best practices for highly collaborative and fast-paced activites, teamwork across different locations and timezones, as well as changes in work practices during the Covid crisis.

Remote work

Speaker Title
Gaspard Bébié-Valérian Half-documentarian, half engineer, and a hint of hacking: docOps, an in-between figure to implement docs as code [PDF]
Master 2 CTM Presentation of research subjects [PDF]
Interactive session ContentOps with Rahel Anne Bailie [PDF]
Petra Herbst Docs-as-code explained – what, who and how? [PDF]
André Tran Feeling constrained by your CMS? Docs-as-code could be a solution [PDF]
Barbara Kardel-Piątkowska How the pandemics influenced the work of technical communicators in Poland? [PDF]
Julia Unis Good Morning, Good Night: Fostering Connections with a China/US Documentation Team [PDF]
Interactive session Technical communication in times of crisis
Saveena (Chakrika) Veeramoothoo Trans-Atlantic & Pacific Project: International collaboration challenges across time during the COVID crisis [PDF]
Laura Gonzales and Valentina Sierra Nino Visual Translation and Language Access Research in North Central Florida [Video]

The conference was held remotely on Zoom on January 28th, 2022.

Video recordings available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRsfMsVg38nBYl-wG3gLAAqjEcQADVVEb

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