Hot off the press: Master 2 CDMM 2016 research papers!

Technical communication and education are at the heart of deep changes in industry and business. In 2016, M2 CDMM students have looked into the nature of these changes and given us insights into the future of technical communication.

Students have investigated the impact of digital transformation on technical communication and education:

They questioned innovative learning solutions and their application at an enterprise-wide scale:

They looked at the role of technical communicators in visual design and accessibility:

Well done Armelle Bursi-Amba, Erika Caboul, Gaylord Chesnay, Nicolas Chleffer, Sarah Consentino, Paul Desreux, Alexandre Dias Da Silva, Manon Di Vozzo, Aline Ea, Jennifer Frederic, Romain Gaullier, Victoria Genin, MarcAlexandre Jacques, Tiphaine Monange, Blandine Paulet, Vincent Perrot, Sutarni Riesenmey, Matthieu Roche, Manoela Santidrian, Caroline Vaissiere, and Austeja Varvuolyte!

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